Mass Messaging & Updates

Broadcast your messages at scale using our Updates feature

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SuperPhone™ enables the delivery of one-to-one messages at scale based on location, tags and products via the 'Updates' feature accessible via this url:

Paying for your Updates

Each update has a minimum charge of $1.00 and an estimated cost of your update will be displayed before you send. You must agree to this estimated charge before your Update can be scheduled. You will only be billed once the Update is sent. Cancelled Updates will not incur any charges. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Why are Merge Fields Required?

Mobile carriers will block identical messages that are delivered to their customers at a rate that they detect is automated. To avoid being flagged as spam, we require a merge field in each Update to make each message unique and decrease the probability that your messages will be blocked or that your number will be black-listed.

Sending an Update

a. Access the 'Send Update' screen here
b. In the 'To' field, select a tag, country or product* from the drop down
c. Compose your message
d. Schedule a date & time to send message (Message cannot be scheduled within 5 minutes of sending time.)
e. Upload an image if desired
f. Select 'Save'

Your message will be sent 5 minutes from the time you click 'Save'. This allows you time to cancel the Update should you need to make any last minute changes.

Reviewing Updates

All updates are stored and their status can reviewed at the following url:

Canceling Updates

SuperPhone® updates must be scheduled which ensures you have the opportunity to cancel. To do this, visit this page and click the 'two dots' in the top right corner of a recently sent campaign. While the update is pending, you have an option to cancel. Once the update begins sending, this option is no longer available.

Please note that you are only billed for Updates that are sent. There is no charge for cancelled updates.

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