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How to make sense of your SuperPhone invoice.

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When you subscribe to SuperPhone, you're actually pre-paying for usage (sending texts and making calls) and storage (the data in your contacts and conversations).

The first line item on your bill is the subscription pre-payment based on the plan you selected. You pre-pay for a certain amount of usage. To see what's included in your pre-payment, use our calculator.

The second line item is your usage for the previous month. You will only have a balance due here when you go over your subscription pre-payment.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the sections on your SuperPhone invoice:

  1. SMS is billed at $0.01 per outbound segment. Inbound is free. Please note: Any SMS longer than 160 characters is broken into multiple segments so you may have a larger number than you recall sending.

  2. MMS is billed at $0.04 per media message (inbound and outbound) this includes photos, video, audio, etc.

  3. Voice is billed at $0.01 per minute (inbound and outbound).

  4. Phone numbers are billed at $1/number. You have one number for every 500 conversations.

  5. Add ons are billed by the mobile carriers to help ensure delivery.

  6. Conversations are billed based on your plan at either $0.10 (Starter Plan), $0.08 (Growth), or $0.01 (High-Volume).

  7. Already paid is the amount you paid for updates (in the pop-up) during the previous month.

 *All of the pricing mentioned is for USA - international rates can increase your bill significantly.

Other questions? Please reach out via Intercom by logging into your account on desktop and clicking the gold chat bubble in the bottom right corner. We can also provide a detailed usage report from the carriers on request.

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