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Sending Better Updates with Shopify
Sending Better Updates with Shopify

How do I send a message to everyone who bought 'XYZ Product'?

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Once your Shopify store has been connected to SuperPhone, you'll notice that creating an update is now extended to include:

  1.  A gold $ icon that allows you to add a <product-name> merge field

  2. A merge field option called <product-link> that will include a checkout link for a product

  3. A section called 'Commerce' in the drop down.

Adding the <product-name> merge field to your update 

When you add click the gold $ icon in the compose window, you will see a list of product names that you can include in your update. Select from this list and the name of the product will be dynamically added to every message generated and delivered by the update.

Adding the <product-link> merge field to your update 

Using the <product-link> merge field will add a link to a specific product to your update:

Sending a message to a group or list of people that have purchased a specific product

When you select a recipient for your update, you will notice the new section called 'Commerce' that now appears in the drop down list. This section will display all of the products in your store and you can send an update that is targeted to purchasers of any specific product that you select.

Advanced filters using multi-variable segmentation

You may also create even more personal segments by clicking 'manage' to the top right of the drop down menu. This will take you to our multi variable segmentation pop-up where you can add different elements to a segment and then save that segment for future use. For example, sending a message to everyone who purchased the xyz hoodie and the abc cap that is female and lives in California is possible using this tool.

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