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FAQs and explanations about SuperPhone's auto-responses

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SuperPhone™ automates the interaction with your subscribers via smart auto-responses. Each person who sends you a text will receive this message sequence only once. There's a human-emulated delay on the responses (2minutes) to give a more personal feel. You can configure your smart auto-responses at this url:

In this article, we will explain the different kinds of auto-responses and what functions they serve.

Wait I already set these up and they are not working. What's wrong?

There are three main reasons why auto-responses may fail to trigger or be delivered.

  1. Your vCard image is too large - to fix this click here.

  2. You tested auto-responses before you had them saved. If you send yourself a message before you save an auto-response, you won't get a response, even after you save the auto-response. The first time, you didn't get a message because they weren't set. The next time you text, even though it's saved, you still won't get the response because SuperPhone® will only send the first contact auto-response to a new text. So since you have already texted, you're on your second or third contact with your number and won't get a response. You'll have to test with a number that has never texted before

  3. You have an international number and went over your limit for that number. SuperPhone currently does not buy new international numbers - so when your subscriber quota is exceeded (500) for your international number, SuperPhone will buy a local USA number and your texts and auto-responses will fail depending on what country to which you're sending messages.

First Contact Auto-Response

When someone texts you for the first time, SuperPhone™ will wait 2 minutes and then automatically send them your vCard along with a special link so they can share their contact information. Their number will be pre-filled on the form. You may edit or change this message at any time to personalize the request for contact information.

Example First Contact Auto-Response

"Yoooo - I don't have your contact info in my phone. Hit this link and add your details:"

SuperPhone® will automatically create a special link for each contact to a form that has their phone number pre-filled. Note: We strongly urge you to leave auto-response url's in their original format by using the <form> merge field. Editing them may lead to form errors.

Contact Info Reminder

If the new contact does not complete the form after 30 mins, SuperPhone® will automatically remind them for details again.

Example Contact Info Reminder

"Hey I never got your contact, it only takes a minute:"


Form Submission Auto-Response

When the user completes your contact form, SuperPhone® will instantly send a message. Note: We recommend including your email address so that people are inclined to save your details.

Example Form Submission Auto-Response

"Thanks - got you locked. Save my info and hit me anytime. -Ryan ("

New Assigned Number

When a new number is assigned to a user, SuperPhone™ will instantly send this message. Why would this even happen? Click here for an explanation.

Example New Assigned Number Message

"This is the SuperPhone™ team. Use this number for us - it's better than the public one. Still need your info, add yourself here:"

Disabling Auto-Responses

Though you may choose to disable any of the first three default auto-responses, our usage reports indicate that 9 out of 10 people will eventually add themselves after receiving these messages. Note: The 'New Assigned Number' auto-response is mandatory and may never be disabled.

Setting Up A Voice Greeting

To replace the computer voice that users hear when they call your SuperPhone®, you can upload an MP3 with a personalized voice greeting. For detailed instructions, please view our Voice Greeting documentation.

What about keyword or hashtag auto-responses?

To set up a global keyword or hashtag autoresponder, please click this link to read our article on SuperBot.

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