How to setup the SuperPhone Voice Greeting

This article will help setup the voice greeting for your SuperPhone account

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When someone calls you, SuperPhone™ will play a voice greeting instead of sending them to voicemail. Configure your voice greeting at the bottom of the page at this url:

Audio Format

Currently SuperPhone™ only accepts voice greetings in .mp3 format. Record a voice note on your mobile device and use either iTunes or a site like this one to convert the file into .mp3 format before uploading.

Default Message

Until you set your personalized voice greeting, a default spoken message in a will say: "Thank you for calling. Please don’t leave a message, just send a text."

What should I say?

Keep in mind that voicemail is disabled on all SuperPhone™ lines. All calls will hang up after your voice greeting is played. Make sure to explicitly direct your callers to send you a text. SuperPhone™ will then do the work of capturing their contact info.

Example Voice Greeting

"Yo it's Ryan, please hang up and just shoot me a text and I'll hit you back ASAP."

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