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How to set up your SuperPhone account
How to set up your SuperPhone account

This article is your go-to resource for a smooth SuperPhone® setup.

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1. Login

Access your SuperPhone® on desktop by navigating to our login page

2. Access your Settings "Profile" page to add business information

If you are needing to update your Profile Photo, Name, or Dynamic vCard, you will want to start by hovering over the left-side navigation bar. Once the navigation expands you will want to scroll down and select the heading label Settings, which will bring you here.

2.1 Profile

This section can be used to update your profile photo, first name and last name. Once you have made your edits you need to click the golden Save button.

2.2 Password

This is where you should go if you are needing to reset your password while logged in. Your password will need to be a minimum of 8 characters. Once you have successfully met the criteria and your new passwords match, the Save button will turn gold and you will want to click to store your updated information.

2.3 Dynamic vCard

While in your Profile, scroll all the way down until you see the Dynamic vCard heading. Your vCard is your Contact Card. This can be included in an auto response triggered from your contact form or custom automations for your contacts to easily save your information in their phones. To add an image, please ensure that the image is under 150KB to avoid failed delivery.

3. Creating and Configuring your First Contact Form

Let's start with accessing your form. To access your forms start by hovering over the left-side navigation bar. Once the navigation expands locate the Subscribers heading and click on Forms. This will take you the area where you can customize your form that your audience will fill out in order to be saved as a contact in your SuperPhone®. If you see a default form click the edit button to adjust your form. If you do not see a default form, you simply want to click New.

You can collect as much information as you'd like! We already pre-set your form with First Name and Phone Number as required fields but you have additional optional fields that can be added or you can make custom fields. You will also see that you have the option of creating multiple forms for specific campaigns, events, etc.

For an in-depth guide to Forms click-here.

4. Creating your First Auto-Response

Once you have your form configured how you would like it, navigate to the First Contact area by hovering over the left-side navigation bar. Once the navigation expands locate the Journeys heading and click on First Contact. You can select Edit if you would like to adjust or customize the content of the messages being sent out. Once that is complete you can select Save and make sure the Live toggle next to the Save button is active or gold.

For an in-depth guide to Auto-Responses click here.

5. Adding a Forwarding Number

Awesome. Now you know how to log in, how to update your profile, create or edit your First Contact form and you have set up at least one Auto-Response.

Now, you want to add a forwarding number and active incoming calls. This can be done by navigating to the side panel, scrolling down to Journeys and then click Incoming Calls.

Under Greeting Sequence, select Add and choose Forward Call. You will be given a chance to enter if a phone number or select an already stored number to forward calls to. Once selected click Save.

Once the number has been added, select the toggle switch to the right of the heading "Incoming calls is Disabled!" until you see it read "Incoming calls is Enabled" and the switch is gold. Lastly, select Save.

For an in-depth guide to setting up your Call-In Sequence greeting Click here.

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