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Setting Up Your Call-In Greeting Sequence
Setting Up Your Call-In Greeting Sequence

In this article we will go over how to create a custom sequence to forward incoming calls or play a prerecorded voice message.

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In this article we will go over how to create a custom sequence to forward incoming calls or play a prerecorded voice message. Please note that our old Call Forwarding feature is now a part of our Call-In Greeting section. Unfortunately, you are not able to collect voice messages from a caller using this feature. The Call-In Greeting page can be here.

Enable/Disable Call-In Greeting

To enable the call in greeting sequence that has been created at the bottom of the page, ensure the toggle switch is set to gold. When a person calls your SuperPhone number, they will be taken through the steps exactly as it has been built. If the toggle switch is set to gray, then your Call-In Greeting sequence will be disabled and the call would automatically hang up if a person were to call your SuperPhone number. Alternatively, when the Call-In Greeting feature is disabled, you also have the option to choose to add an audio clip that will play before the call is disconnected. Any file you wish to upload as an audio clip must be in mp3 or wav format.

Call Duration

All inbound and outbound calls are billed at $0.01 per minute. To limit your charges, you can choose to set a call duration limit for any incoming calls. To enable a call duration limit, set the toggle switch to gold and then a window will pop up allowing you to choose your limit. The maximum limit it can be set to is 300 seconds. When the toggle switch is set to gray, the call duration limit will be disabled.

Greeting Sequence

For a more custom option, you are able to build out your own Call-In Greeting sequence. The start trigger is always when a caller dials your number and cannot be changed. Listed below are the options you can choose from to mix, match, and stack as you see fit. To remove an option after it has been added to your sequence, hover over the option and then click on the gold X button that will appear in the top right hand corner. Once your Call-In Greeting sequence click on the gold Save button in the top right hand corner to lock in your changes.

  • Add Audio Clip

    Adding an audio clip allows for a caller to listen to an uploaded audio file after they have called in. Any file you wish to upload must be in mp3 or wav format.

  • Add Dial Menu

    Adding a dial menu allows you to set up a dial sequence for a caller to choose from once they have called in. Digits 0-9, including * are able to be programmed to have their own individual menu options from all the selections listed here. Most notably, this feature was used on the Zayn campaign to promote his album Nobody Is Listening.

  • Add Dictation

    Selecting dictation allows you to type any text that will then be dictated by our voice system to a caller over the phone.

  • Add Pause

    Adding a pause allows you to add a break for a custom number of seconds before or after an action is set up to take place during your Call-In Greeting sequence.

  • Forward Call

    Forward calls allows to you forward all incoming call directly to your forwarding number without any filtering or delay.

  • Add Hangup

    Add hangup is used in a sequence to end the call. This is primary used in conjunction with a dial menu so the call may hang up immediately after the caller has heard the preset message.

  • For...

    Selecting this feature allows you to create a custom call in sequence that will filter a caller by their status as either as VIP or Customer. A VIP is a contact that has been manually marked to importance and easy identification in your phone. A customer is anyone in your phone who has previously purchased a product via your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Call Forwarding Tutorial

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