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Integrating with BigCommerce
Integrating BigCommerce with SuperPhone®
Integrating BigCommerce with SuperPhone®

This articles gives you an overview of how to connect your BigCommerce store and maximize the integration's capabilities.

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SuperPhone® integrates with the powerful e-commerce platform BigCommerce. This allows you to trigger auto response messages based on your customers activities in the store, automate your marketing and notifications as well as broadcast to customers in targeted Updates. To connect your Shopify store, visit the 'Integrations' page at this url:

To connect your BigCommerce store, follow the steps in the video we display on the integrations page or the steps below:

  1. Log into BigCommerce’s backend

  2. Select “Advanced Settings”

  3. Select “API Accounts”

  4. Select "Create V2/V3 API Token"

  5. Name the app “SuperPhone”

  6. Copy the “API Path” URL and paste it into the designated section on SuperPhone’s integrations page

  7. Back on BigCommerce, adjust the following permissions:

    1. Customers: Modify

    2. Information & Settings: Read only

    3. Orders: Read only

    4. Products: Read only

    5. Sites & routes: Read only

  8. Then click “Save”

  9. Copy the “Access Token” and paste it into the designated section on SuperPhone’s integrations page

  10. Hit “Next”

Please note that you can connect as many stores as you want.

One-Way Sync

As soon as you’ve completed the steps above we will do an initial import of customers, orders and products and then make sure all of them are always up to date within SuperPhone. This means you’ll have rich contact data of all your customers, including information like their location, email address, how much money they spent with you and their order history.

At no point will we update any information in your BigCommerce store - this integration is a pure one-way sync and BigCommerce always remains the source of truth.

Dollar Icons

On the messages page, you can easily tell the difference between contacts who have made a purchase and those who have yet to make one. Contacts who have made a purchase in your store can be identified by the presence of dollar icons next to their name, color coded based on spending:

Silver - under $100

Gold - over $100

Red - over $1000

Marketing automation

Once your store is connected, you will see a new group of automation triggers that can be used to fire messages based on events that occur in your store. These triggers allow you to initiate communications like drip campaigns, order confirmations, and abandoned cart reminders. The latter allows you to remind users about their open cart and incentivize them to finish the checkout process with a discount code. This method has proven to have a very high ROI and with our automation templates only takes 2 minutes to set up!

Tracking ROI

SuperPhone makes it super easy to track how profitable your campaigns are. Any time you send a broadcast with a link to your store, we will automatically track purchases that were initialized by the campaign and then not only calculate your ROI but also give you detailed insights into important stats like link clicks, how many people bought each product, always with an option to retarget each group of customers with a follow up campaign.

On the insights page you will also get an overview of how much money SuperPhone generated during a timeframe you can specify. This way we make it easy for you to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

1-1 sales

The last feature we want to highlight is a feature that will help those of you who use our powerful 1-1 chat to support and sell. Once you’ve connected your store, you’ll find a super useful integration of your products right in the chat window:

This allows you to search your products and send links without leaving the chat!

Get started with BigCommerce x SuperPhone® today!

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