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How to import your contacts into SuperPhone
How to import your contacts into SuperPhone
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Importing Contacts via Desktop

  1. While logged in, click this link or navigate to the Settings page, click on Import Contacts, and then click on Data Fields.

  2. You can download the SuperPhone Contact Upload Template here by clicking on Download Template or by clicking this link to download the csv template directly.

To import additional data that does not have a pre-created field, add a custom field to by clicking on the + New button. This will allow you to create a custom field with the data entry of your choosing and then apply this change during Step 6.

 3. After opening the downloaded file, transfer your existing data to our template and
follow the example in the 2nd column of the CSV. Fill out the CSV exactly as it specifies by entering the appropriate information under the correct row, then save it to your computer.

 4. Contacts must contain a minimum of First Name and Phone Number or Email. Please ensure that all other fields are empty, not containing any spaces etc. Phone numbers must be in E.164 format (+1) meaning they must contain the '+' sign and country code.

To apply tags, just add them in the 'Tags' column. For multiple tags, separate them using a semicolon.

5. Next, click the New Import tab or this link and select CSV Import. In the following screen, select Browse to choose the appropriate document.

6. Once selected, you will be prompted to ensure that the fields from your spreadsheet match up when importing. If a field column is mislabeled, click on the button labeled Map to ___ under the mislabeled column, then click on Map to... button from the drop down menu, and select the correct column label. When finished, click the Next button.

7. If you would like all the imported contacts from this spreadsheet to be tagged, you may choose a single tag to be added on this step. If you have currently have contacts that overlap with ones on your spreadsheet, you can check the Override Pre-existing Contact Information circle if you would like to reimport these contacts. Unchecking this step will mean that these contacts will not be reimported. Once finished, click the Next button to continue.

8. You can review how many contacts have been successfully imported by click the Review button on the pop up. You will also receive a confirmation email with the detailed list of contacts that have been successfully added and have failed in the process.

[Dashes, parentheses, or any other signs accept the '+' in phone numbers will return an error. Failed contacts will return an error messages that explains the reasoning behind the issue. Make the necessary adjustments and re-upload the file.]

Importing Contacts on iOS

  1. Tap on the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen in the app

  2. Select 'Import contacts to SuperPhone'

  3. Allow SuperPhone access to your address book and tap 'ok'

  4. Either choose 'Select All' or select your contacts individually. Once saved, you will receive a message stating your contact was successfully imported and will be redirected to the Contacts view in the app to see your newly imported contacts.

Important Opt-In Requirements for Imported Contacts

While importing is an easy way to get existing contacts into your SuperPhone®, every contact is required by law to opt-in to messaging from you or your business. 

To ensure that you're complying, make sure to send a message to each imported contact that contains this explicit opt-out language "You can opt-out at anytime by just texting STOP. Your carrier may charge you normal SMS or data rates."

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