Tagging in SuperPhone®
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SuperPhone™ enables advanced filtering of contacts through the use of tagging. Tags are completely customizable and help you organize your contacts/conversations into groups.

Tagging An Individual Contact

Tagging is enabled in both the 'Contacts' view and the 'Messages' view.

Option 1

a. In the 'Contacts' view, select the contact you would like to tag
b. Click the 'tag' icon next to the 'Show Tags' button
c. Create/select a name for your tag
d. Click 'Apply'

Option 2

a. In the 'Messages' view, select the thread with the contact you would like to tag
b. Underneath their photo, click 'add tag' button
c. Once tag is inserted hit Enter to complete task
d.  When finished applying tags click 'Save'

Tagging A Group of Contacts

a. In the 'Contacts' view, select the contacts you would like to tag
b. Click the 'actions' button above
c. Select 'Tag'
d.Select existing tag or begin typing a new tag and click 'Apply'

Tagging Contacts By #Hashtag

SuperPhone™ can also tag contacts by searching for a #hashtag keyword. Any contact with the #hashtag keyword in their message thread will be tagged. You can take advantage of this feature by simply sharing the #hashtag keyword with your audience (ex. Text me #grandpark so I know you came to the event).

a. In the 'Contacts' view, click 'Actions' button above
b. Select 'Tag by Hashtag'
c. Type in the #hashtag you want to Send/Receive
d. Type in the tag you want SuperPhone to apply
e. Click 'Next' if successful you will see a green banner appear in the top right

Note: To apply tags based on #hashtag search, make sure no contacts are selected when you press the tag button. When single or multiple contacts are selected, the tag button will only apply tags to the selected contacts.

Remember the '#'

SuperPhone™ will only tag contacts who have the '#' at the start of the keyword. You should also keep in mind that SuperPhone™ only assigns tags to 'Contacts' at this time. Conversations with unknown numbers (numbers from people that have not yet completed the contact form) will remain untagged.

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