Going over the Contacts View
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SuperPhone™ provides powerful contact management via your 'Contacts' page at the following url:

Filtering Contacts

Use the 'Search Contacts' bar to quickly view a filtered list of contacts by location, tags, and products purchased (when Shopify is integrated)
Begin typing the tag/variable you are looking to find and SuperPhone will begin to filter your contacts:

Note: To toggle how much information about each contact is displayed, simply click the categories at the top of the information panel to show (highlighted) or hide fields such as City, Job Title, Company, etc.

Re-ordering Contacts

By default, contacts are ordered based on total spent. To re-order contacts, click the 'up/down arrow' icon next to any category to automatically re-arrange in ascending or descending order (ex. click the arrow arrow next to 'Spent' to see which customer has spent the most with you).

Marking a Contact as VIP

  1. Assigning a contact as VIP will change the shape of their Avatar to a Hexagon (making them easier to identify at a glance. This also allows for quick filtering and call-forwarding for your most important contacts.

2. You may also select multiple contacts and add them to your list of VIPs in bulk:

Hiding Contacts

You can easily hide a contacts messages by clicking on the Hide Icon:

Note: The Hide button is available in the contacts panel and messages panel. The contact messages will be hidden but the contact remains in your contact list.

Sharing Contacts

You can quickly share contact details with another SuperPhone™ user:

a. Select a contact from the list
b. Click 'Share' from the dropdown menu
c. Enter the email address of another SuperPhone™ user and click share

Note: The share button will only be enabled when the email entered matches that of an active SuperPhone™ user.

Exporting Contacts

To quickly export a .csv, Excel or raw data file of your contacts, use any of the 3 buttons below the 'Filters' drop-down menu.

Tagging Multiple Contacts

Check the box next to all the contacts that fit the specific tag you are wanting to assign.

Next, click the the Apply Tags button and type in the name of the tag you would like to use. When finished click Apply.

Once completed, you will see a message stating that the tag was applied successfully. To further verify the tag was added, you can click on Show Tags.

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