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This article provides an overview of the new nicknames feature within our mobile and web apps.

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At SuperPhone we are focused on making personal communication possible at scale. In the past our users have been able to customize their messages with merge fields such as <fname> for the first name. However if you think about people you’re close with, most of the time you don’t call them by their first names but rather by their nicknames. For example you might not call your mum “Anne” but rather “Mum”. So popular feedback we’ve received was to add a nickname field to the contact record and then a merge field to use for mass communication. Over the past few weeks we’ve made this happen and here is how it works!

Adding a nickname

Whether you’re using our web or mobile app, select any contact you want to add a nickname to and choose “edit”, which is located at the top right of your screen. From there you can see a new field called “Nickname”. Fill it out and hit “Save”.

Nickname merge field

To use the nickname in your mass communication like Updates, Automations or 1-1 chat, simply write “<nickname>”! But what about those contacts who don’t have a nickname set? In this case SuperPhone will just fallback to the first name of the contact!


Here’s to more personal communication 🍻

This feature has been built based on product feedback in our Discord group. Here we discuss marketing strategies, network and give feedback to succeed together. If you’re not part of it, join us for free here!

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