Why we shorten the links you send

SuperPhone replaces any links you send with an https:// s.superphone.io short link in order to provide you with important analytics metrics suchs as

  1. Click through rates (CTR)

  2. Who clicked on a link and who didn't

  3. Products purchased per Update

  4. Return on investment (ROI) per Update

Without these core metrics it is hard for you to determine whether your communication strategy is working and if it's profitable. Additionally the s.superphone.io short link has a good reputation with carriers and increases your delivery rate.


Nonetheless it's important for you that your messages represent your branding and thus we built a solution for you that allows for this plus everything mentioned above.

If you prefer adjusting your short link to be for example s.ryanleslie.com or mzrt.co rather than s.superphone.io, you can now set this up in our settings.


  1. If you don't have a domain already that you want to use, head to a provider like GoDaddy or Namecheap and purchase any domain you want

  2. Head to https://app.superphone.io/settings/link-shortening

  3. Click on "New Domain"

  4. Enter the desired domain you want to use, e.g. s.ryanleslie.com or mzrt.co

  5. Follow the steps outlined in the app


If you're having trouble setting up the TXT record or the CNAME record, we have outlined the steps for the biggest domain providers below. If you none of them match your provider, try googling e.g. "TXT Record <name of provider>".

  1. TXT Record with Namecheap here

  2. CNAME Record with Namecheap here

  3. TXT Record with GoDaddy here

  4. CNAME Record with GoDaddy here

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