What makes a strong Update?

In this article we're discussing how to make your Update perform best.

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Unlike with emails, there is a real cost associated with every SMS sent, which makes SMS more expensive than email by default. When broadcasting to a large audience, these costs can quickly become substantial, so it's important to keep ROI in mind before sending out a message. Given the much higher click-through-rate with SMS, links are a common starting point to lead customers to a store or funnel. If your campaign drives revenue in a different way, for example by asking for a keyword response to start a sales funnel, that's completely fine!

The last thing we want is that your campaign is not profitable. So just take this step as a friendly reminder to keep ROI in mind, not more.

Recipients are more likely to click on your link, when the link is shown as a preview, similar to this:

iPhones will only display a link preview if the URL is at the beginning or the end of the message. iOS will not render a preview for a URL in the middle of a message, or even just surrounded by periods or quotation marks. To learn more about link previews and how to increase the likelihood of your links being presented as previews to recipients, please read our article here:

Add Open Graph Metadata at the url you linked to

If you are linking to a website that you have coded yourself and we show you this warning, it is because we found that the link doesn't include what's called "Open Graph Metadata" or OGM. If you did not program the website yourself, you probably won't be able to do much about this. If you did however, please follow along!

Looking at the link preview example above, the OGM defines the title "Club Monaco" and also the little thumbnail to the right of the title. We found that links that contain more visually appealing previews are more likely to be clicked on. The learn how to implement OGM, use this link as a starting point!

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