To change or add phone numbers to your account, click here!

If you are searching for an international number that may not be available please contact customer support. There are also popular US area codes that are not available such as 212's for New York & 213's for Los Angeles. Any US area codes that do not populate when searched, are not available.

On the phone numbers page, manage and maintain all of the numbers associated with your account. Please note that each US number in your account will cost you $1.00 per month that you are using it.

Region - Displays the region in which the number resides in.

Created - Time the phone number was purchased and it's duration.

Inbound - Inbound messages or minutes received from subscribers.

Outbound - Outbound messages or minutes used to communicate with subscribers.

Subscribers - Number of people subscribed to that number.

When you click actions, you are given the ability to do the following...

Release - Removes the number from the account making it inactive. When a number is released, the subscribers connected to that number will be reassigned a new number.

Make Default - Makes the number selected your default number. You can have 20 numbers in the account but only one main number / default.

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