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How does SuperPhone® track referrals?
How does SuperPhone® track referrals?

Read the terms of our referral plan and sign up to start earning.

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Spread the word & earn money

Get 25% of usage fees for each new SuperPhone® subscriber you refer via your link. To get a link - just send us a message using the chat bubble in the bottom right with the hashtag '#referral'.


  1. You're eligible for referral payments from all paying customers that register using your referral URL.

  2. You're eligible for 25% of the net value of services (SMS, MMS, Phone Numbers and Voice) sold by the SuperPhone® as a direct result of your referral. Net value is the final price paid for SuperPhone® services by the referred customer including refunds or adjustments and excluding the fee for subscribers. These fees can vary from user to user.

  3. You're eligible for a referral payout after the end of a referred user's billing period.

  4. You're eligible for a cash payout only if your referral payment balance exceeds $100 for the month. Otherwise you will receive SuperPhone® credits in the amount of your referral payment balance.

  5. If multiple people refer a user, only the last referrer is eligible for referral payment.

  6. Cash referral payments are paid out to a specified PayPal account only.

  7. You should not spam or engage in any evil activity that might hurt SuperPhone®'s reputation.

  8. We reserve the right not to pay out referral funds if you breach these terms.

  9. We reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice.

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