How to Use Merge Fields
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A merge field is a field you can put in a single message, auto-response, automation sequence, saved response, or update to incorporate values from a contact (or products). For example, you can place an <fname> merge field in an update so that the greeting includes the recipient's first name. Rather than a generic “Hello!”, the greeting would say "Hello, Florian!"

The merge field is surrounded by "<>" brackets and inserted at the current cursor location. To add a merge field, simply type a "<" and a list will appear from which you may select.

Standard Merge Fields

<fname> inserts the contact's first name
<lname> inserts the contact's last name
<name> inserts the contact's full name
<mobile> inserts the contact's mobile number
inserts a link to your default form (or any form you select)

Shopify Merge Fields

<product-name> inserts the name of a product you select
inserts a purchase link to a product you select

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