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Duplicate Contacts

Did Shopify create a duplicate contact? Here's how to resolve.

Updated over a week ago

What causes duplicate contacts?

When you connect your Shopify store there may be cases where one of your contacts has made a purchase with a different email than they used to fill out your SuperPhone form. SuperPhone® uses either email or phone number as a unique identifier to make sure that contact information is accurate.  Since there are two email addresses, and one contact record may be missing the phone number, SuperPhone stores the contact details in two separate records.

How do I fix this?

In this case, follow these steps to resolve this issue and make sure that all of the data is stored in one contact record.  Let's use this duplicate contact as an example:

Detail 1 (from SuperPhone form):

Ryan Leslie
New York, NY

Detail 2 (from Shopify):

Ryan Leslie
New York, NY

1. Copy the SuperPhone contact details to the Shopify contact

All you would need to do in this example is:

  • Copy the email address from the SuperPhone contact to the notes of the Shopify contact. 

  • Then, add the phone number from the SuperPhone contact to the Shopify contact. 

  • Finally, add the Instagram handle and any other information from the SuperPhone  contact to the Shopify contact. 

Now you have a complete contact record that is connected to Shopify so when that contact buys any other products the total amount spent will update automatically .

2. Archive the duplicate contact

Since the phone number is now tied to the Shopify contact record, you can safely archive the duplicate and your existing conversation will automatically be tied to the Shopify contact record.

Why can't I just merge the contacts?

We'll be rolling out the ability to merge contacts in the future. For now, this is the best work around that our clients use.

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