Sending voice notes with SuperPhone is relatively easy as long as they are under 400kb in file size. You simply have to attach the voice note to your text message. For best results, make sure your voice note is in AMR or MP4 format. MP4 is a much cleaner format than AMR, which sounds more like you recorded the voice note on your phone.

To send a voice note, simply record the message on your phone and then convert the file (which is usually M4A) to either MP4 or AMR. You can use a site like to do this easily. Then you can simply drag the audio file into SuperPhone on the desktop to send your voice note.

What about on the mobile app?

We are still working on adding voice note functionality to the native iOS and Android apps.

What about songs?

The best way to send a song, podcast or any other audio (longer than a few seconds) using SuperPhone® is actually to just send a link to SoundCloud, Spotify, or Apple Music. Your subscribers will appreciate that you've directed them to an app that can play music natively since SuperPhone® is a message service not a music player.  We've seen clients have incredible success sending private SoundCloud links to their most dedicated supporters before they release songs publicly to streaming services. Please shoot us a message as we'd love to highlight any other awesome use cases where you have been using SuperPhone® to deliver a quality experience to your subscribers.

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