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How to Setup Custom Fields in Forms

FAQs on forms and how to use them best.

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The SuperPhone form is a powerful way to collect rich data and information on your audience. The standard required input fields are name, last name, email, number and city. 

Optional Fields

The optional input fields are birthday, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, job title and company.  To remove any optional fields from your form, click the X to the left of the field name .

Custom Fields

In addition to SuperPhone's standard fields, you can also use custom fields to request even more specific information.  For example, our CEO Ryan has a financial literacy newsletter and uses custom fields to request information about a prospect's financial habits to provide more tailored information to subscribers. Click the manage button to create or edit your custom fields.

'I Agree' Submit Button

At the bottom of every SuperPhone form, you will see a button that says I agree. This is so that we can make sure you're in compliance with regulations that require all of your subscribers to explicitly opt-in to receiving messages from you. To update the text of this button, you would need to use an outside form provider like TypeForm or Google forms and then connect those form entries to SuperPhone via our Zapier integration.

Custom Designs

For more advanced developers, you can also use our API to create a form design from scratch and tie each input field to a contact detail endpoint.

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