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Filter Your Shopify Audience Using SuperPhone®
Filter Your Shopify Audience Using SuperPhone®

It's never been easier to segment your audience until today!

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In SuperPhone, filters and tags can be applied to your contacts to properly segment your audience on both the Conversations & Contacts pages.  When connected to your e-commerce store, SuperPhone gives you the ability to seamlessly see and reach your target audience when you need to. You no longer have to guess who are your top clients or supporters. Let's jump in to it.


Filters... In SuperPhone? Yes, these are not only used on Instagram. Data filtering is the process of removing unwanted information making your results more efficient. These are usually used on reports to comb through everything and organize your data. 

I probably put you to sleep but imagine that you were looking to see "out of the whopping 10 customers in your store, who are those that live in Los Angeles that has spent over $50 with you?" It's possible.

We offer over 25 different filters that can be used across the entire platform. 3 of them pertain to those with an e-commerce store integration. They are...

"Customer" - Filters your contacts to display paying Customers only

"Purchased Product" - Filters your contacts based on specific Product Purchases

"Revenue" - Filters your contacts based on amount spent (Above & Below $$)

In this example below, we used the "Purchased Product" filter which allowed us to choose a specific product and see the 1 contact that purchased that product out of all 10 contacts in the account.


Tags are a smart way to organize and segment your audience as well. If you would like to learn more about tagging, please check out our article here

They can be applied automatically by setting a trigger in SuperPhone or manually as you are maintaining the account. We recommend that all of our users be strategic with tagging to achieve the best results when segmenting later on.

Think of these as a third filter created by you to fit your business. "Show me everyone that is tagged, [Pop-Up Shop 2019], that lives in New York and has spent less than $50 with me." You get the idea 😉.


Segments can be created to save you time of having to manually filter out frequently used options. If you frequently search to see "How many customers are over the age of 21, that live in NY, NJ & PA and have spent at least $100 with you," you can save and name this group or segment "Target Audience" and never have to manually apply these filters again.

Segments can be used when sending updates as well. To learn more about updates, check out our article here.

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