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Navigating SuperPhone: SuperPhone® Referral Program
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Are you a SuperPhone® user or manage clients and would like to refer us? You're in the right place. We offer three types of referral plans.

If you are interested in Options 1 or 3, please contact to get started!

Referral Plans

SuperPhone's referral plans benefit the referrers of new accounts as well as external SuperPhone sales people. 


Depending on the amount of referrals and personal preference of the referrer, SuperPhone offers different referral plan options. 

Option 1: Get paid the first month's Base Price 

The first option is to get the first month's base price of your referral credited to your SuperPhone account balance. Depending on volume and total sum, a monthly payout is possible. Please contact if you are interested in this option. 

Option 2: Salesperson Option A

Our Salesperson Option A allows you to create and pay for discounted SuperPhone accounts. From there, the business model is up to you, however we strongly encourage you to then resell SuperPhone accounts at regular prices, as it's guaranteed to be a profitable business model. More on our Discounted Plans below. 

Option 3: Salesperson Option B 

Our Salesperson Option B allows you to create discounted SuperPhone accounts but this time with the option to get a payout of the discount from us at the end of each of month. The discounted subscription price is paid for by the end-user of the account. This option is available for anyone referring multiple accounts. Please contact, if you are interested in this option.

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