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Having multiple forms and widgets are a great way to segment and track where your contacts are funneling from.

Let's start with your Default Form!

You can consider this as your main form, in my case, I use this one on my widget page: (If you want to learn how to make your own widget page click here)

Anyone that funnels through this form is tagged "Text Bianca" so that I know they came from this funnel. You can set the tag by clicking on "Edit"

You're now in the edit contact form page. You can change the SuperPhone® URL, apply an inbound tag, update the image, add a description, add optional questions and also add custom fields.

You can now manage universal custom fields as well. In this screenshot we will add and edit a new custom field

You now have the ability to apply a tag according to what the person has answered in your custom field question. In my case, this is extremely helpful when I'm trying to understand why someone is trying to reach me.

Once you add the custom field, the last step is to simply add your autoresponse!

Want to experience the full funnel? Feel free to visit and leave me your contact information!

Now you can just rinse and repeat the above instructions by adding multiple forms. This is great for different events you may have or if you'd like to place different forms to track your social funnels (Instagram vs Facebook vs Twitter)

Still need help setting up your Form? Click HERE

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