The SMS struggle is real & you're not alone. We're here to help explain what's going on and assure you that our development team is working very hard to find solutions for this global carrier issue.

So here's the main issue that's being reported:

Someone texts your SuperPhone® number and they aren't getting the Autoresponse you've enabled here, which includes your contact form link

SuperPhone® is an A2P platform, meaning that the messages we deliver are considered Application-to-Person SMS. These messages are seen by carriers as Enterprise or Professional SMS, different from regular texts.

Okay, so why aren't my messages being received though?!

So let's break it down like this, imagine you are going on a trip and flying to another country. You breeze through security, check in, boarding time and are now en route to your destination. (Hint: the airplane is SuperPhone® and you are the text message being delivered...still following?)

Upon arrival at your destination you're patiently waiting in line to give the customs officer (AKA the carriers which would be Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T just to name some) your passport, only to find out that you are denied entry. *heartdrop*

Carriers have the final word on delivery to their subscribers. We report the message status based on what they report to us.

It's frustrating, we know - but we've found ways to work around this global issue:

By directing your future contacts straight to your SuperPhone® form instead of having them text your SuperPhone® number. Interested in best practices? Learn more by clicking here.

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