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How to test SuperPhone on yourself

Understand how your audience will experience texting or calling you by testing the flow on yourself.

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Adding yourself as a contact via form submission

Do this by accessing your form that you configured in Step 1. You can access the page by copying the URL in the first box of that page and pasting into a new tab.

You're a new contact!

Access your messages view, and you will see that two things happened:

  1. You received a text on your personal number, which is the auto-response you set up

  2. In your SuperPhone®, you will see a new contact with yourself, which includes your contact information. 

Click into your contact to view the information you entered

This flow is ideal for contact capture. If a contact were to text your SuperPhone® number, they will receive the auto response that includes your form. 

Tag yourself

Cool! Now that you know how to capture information and how to access contacts, it's time to organize by tagging yourself. Let's start in the contacts view

  1. Click into your contact and click "edit" 

  2. Scroll down to the section titled "Tags" 

  3. Since this is your first tag, it will prompt you to create a new tag. For this demo purpose, we will use "Testing" as a tag.

  4. Click Save

Editing Tags

Messed up on the tag? No worries. You can go to settings then click on Tags. You can edit the Tag name, remove, and also add new tags on this page. Once you edit the tag name, it will reflect on your tagged contacts.

Send your first message

Let's go back to the conversations view.
Click into the thread you've started with yourself. Send yourself a message! For an in-depth tutorial on our conversations toolbar, click here.

This is what your contact sees on their phone:

Make your first phone call

Okay great - now let's test your phone calls. You've already added a default forwarding number in settings - since you're calling yourself, we recommend that you use a number that's attached to a different device (A landline, or a friend's phone). In your conversations view you will see a phone icon on your contact. Click the icon, choose your forwarding number and click call.

Your will receive a call on your phone!

Great, you've made it all the way through some of our foundational steps! You can head back to our Support Center for more information regarding the power of SuperPhone®.

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