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Shopify Data + SuperPhone® - How is the data shared?
Shopify Data + SuperPhone® - How is the data shared?
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Here's how SuperPhone™ shares data from your Shopify store:

One-Way Sync 😉

When the Shopify integration is enabled:

a. All historical and new customers in your store are added as contacts in SuperPhone®.
b. Existing contacts that are also customers in your store will be updated with purchase details.


Filter those who have made purchases from you & see what items they've bought. 

Dollar Icons 💲

On the messages page, you can easily tell the difference between contacts who have made a purchase and those who have yet to make one. Contacts who have made a purchase in your store can be identified by the presence of dollar icons next to their name, color coded based on spending:

Silver - under $100
Gold - over $100
Red - over $1000

You can view the purchase history of a contact by simply clicking their contact in SuperPhone®.

Total Spent

On the contacts page, SuperPhone® will calculate and display the total amount spent, minus shipping and taxes, that customers have spent on products in your store.

Number Formatting

SuperPhone™ uses E164 standard formatting (which includes a country code) for phone numbers in our system. This means we will always update numbers received from Shopify to this format.

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