By default, SuperPhone® will dynamically generate and send a vCard with your account name and SuperPhone® number to your contacts. The number will change automatically for every group of 500 people. All other fields remain static and are editable. 

If an image is added to the vCard, ensure that the image file size is under 150KB. If not, it will cause all messages sent with the vCard to fail.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to edit yours today:

**Do not use special characters in your vCard**

How do I change a field on my vCard?

Simply edit the field and then scroll to the bottom of the page to click save.

How do I delete a field from my vCard?

Simply leave the field blank and that section will be excluded from your vCard.

My vCard is failing! Why?

Please make sure the image you upload for your vCard is under 150KB or IT WILL FAIL.

Disabling your vCard

Look for the 'vCard Send' box next to the 'First Contact' and 'New Assigned Number' responses and uncheck the button.

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