SuperPhone™ can forward calls to a number of your choice. You can configure this in your account at this url:

Call Forwarding - Pricing

When call forwarding is enabled, we create a bridge from the caller's phone number to your SuperPhone™ number and then to your forwarding phone number at $0.04/min.

Forwarding Phones

By default, the number you used to sign up for SuperPhone™ will already be populated here. Click 'Add another phone' to save an additional forwarding number.

Forwarding Rules

You can control who is allowed to ring your phone by setting forwarding rules. In the example below, only contacts marked as 'VIP' will be forwarded. Everyone else will be sent to voicemail and directed to text you. Access the forwarding rules configuration by clicking here:


To allow calls, 'Do Not Disturb' must be set to 'Disabled'.

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