Here's how SuperPhone™ buys, manages, and assigns phone numbers on your behalf:

Multiple Phone Numbers

When you create a SuperPhone™ account, you are prompted to choose a number in your preferred area code. Choose your area code wisely because SuperPhone™ spins up a new a new number in that area code for every group of 500 people that text you.

Why the need for multiple numbers?

As you scale up your network and start to send/receive texts from hundreds of people, most telecoms will automatically blacklist phone numbers and prevent your messages from getting through.

Groups of 500

Carrier blacklisting is purely volumetric, meaning that your number gets flagged when you're texting more than a normal cell phone user. Having a separate number for each group of 500 people who text you prevents this and ensures delivery. SuperPhone™ automatically does this work for you in the background.

Having multiple numbers also increases your rate of delivery - sending 100 messages via a single number takes 100 seconds, while sending 100 messages via 10 different numbers takes only 10 seconds.

How do I automatically assign numbers without confusing subscribers?

Instead of telling people to text your SuperPhone® number, we strongly recommend that YOU always send the first text by simply collecting subscriber numbers through a widget. Every SuperPhone account comes with a free widget you can embed anywhere on the web to capture phone numbers. The widget will automatically assign whatever phone number in your account is available.

New Assigned Number Auto-Message

When SuperPhone™ assigns a new number to someone who's texting, they will automatically receive a message telling them to save the new phone number. You can also choose to send your contact a dynamically generated vCard so they can easily save that number for you. Learn more about customizing that auto-message in our Setting up via Desktop video.

How Much Does Each Additional Number Cost?

This personal method of staying in touch with large groups of people is extremely affordable ($1 per number/per month in the US) and ideal for 2-way messaging and relationship building.

For every group of 500 people that text you, you add $1 to your monthly bill. For 5,000 people, you'd be paying $10 ($1 for each of 10 numbers) monthly for your number pool.

How Do I Add a Number To My Account

To add a number in a different area code or country code, simply navigate to this link while logged into your account:

Once there, click 'New':

You can then select a country code or area code to view available numbers in your desired region:

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