How to set up your Form
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Each SuperPhone™ account comes with a linked form that allows your friends, family, fans and supporters to personally add their info to your phonebook. To personalize this form, click the following url:


Upload an image or copy/paste an image URL. To have a moving avatar like the one on Ryan Leslie's form, upload an image in .gif format.

SuperPhone™ URL

This is the public url to your address book form. This is pre-populated with the first and last name with which you created your account. You may change this at any time as long as the url is available.

Choose a URL that's easy to remember and represents you/your brand. (Example: Ryan's SuperPhone URL is

Browser Title

This is the text that will display at the top of your browser window when your SuperPhone™ URL is accessed. (Example: Ryan's browser title is 'Ryan's Phone'):


This is the text in bold that will be displayed directly under your avatar. (Example: Ryan's title above is 'Ryan Leslie // SuperPhone').


This should serve as an explanation of why you are using SuperPhone™. Introduce yourself and state why you're asking for a contact to add their info.

Optional Fields

Though you may choose to disable any optional field, our usage reports indicate that 8 out of 10 people will fill in the optional information. Having social handles and job information makes Tagging Your Contacts much easier.

Remember Birthdays!

When the optional birthday field is populated, SuperPhone™ will show you how many people are celebrating birthdays on any given day to allow you the opportunity to message them at this url:

Tutorial Video

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