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Connecting Your Shopify Store to SuperPhone®
Connecting Your Shopify Store to SuperPhone®
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SuperPhone® integrates with the powerful e-commerce platform Shopify. This allows you to trigger auto response messages based on your customers activities in the store. To connect your Shopify store, visit the 'Integrations' page at this url:

Create A Shopify Store

Start a free 14-day trial of Shopify by clicking here. Skip this step in the event you already have a store.

Installing SuperPhone® in Your Shopify Store

From your SuperPhone® settings page, navigate to Integrations. Select Connect in the Shopify integration panel and follow the steps to proceed.

You will need the Shopify store URL, the API Key and Password - all of which can be found in your Shopify store. Copy and paste these into the corresponding sections.

Require Phone Numbers In Shopify!

Make sure you require your customers to include their phone number at checkout in your Shopify store by heading to Settings > Checkout > Form options > Phone number and selecting 'Required'.

Phone numbers collected in Shopify will be imported into SuperPhone when your customers make a purchase. 

Also, be sure to include the following language on your check out page... "Keep me up-to-date on news and exclusive offers via email & SMS messaging"

CONGRATS!!! 🎉 You're integrated!

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