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How to Set Up Keyword Responses

Set up a hashtag or keyword auto-response.

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SuperPhone™ can be programmed to respond to every incoming message that matches a defined string via hashtag, emoji or regex. You can configure Keyword Responses at this URL:

Hashtag and Emoji Responses

Defining a hashtag or emoji response will trigger a message immediately following the inbound receipt of the hashtag or emoji. You have the option to apply a tag to each matching inbound message.

Be sure to add all links that you are looking to send in the 'Response' field. The 'Media URL' field is for media only.

To set up your Hashtag or Emoji Responses:

  1. Enter the hashtag, keyword, or emoji in the first column

  2. Enter the response in the next column

To add a photo other media:

  1. Add a direct link to the media in the next column

  2. Select a tag that you want applied to everyone who texts in with that keyword, hashtag or emoji

Regular Expression Responses

Regular expression (regex) responses are more advanced and will trigger a return message to any inbound text that matches the defined string. For an in-depth tutorial on regular expressions and how to write them, we recommend this video. You have the option to apply a tag to each matching inbound message. When creating a regular expression keyword, use (?i)\b( )\b by typing your keyword in the space between the parenthesis to ensure your keyword is not case sensitive.

Keyword Activation

Should you want Keyword Responses to be enabled only after a specified keyword is received, you can enable wake up and sleep words to ensure that your Keyword Responses only respond when called using the defined wake up word. By default, your bot will go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. Using the wake up word will trigger Keyword Responses to start responding again. Disable the Keyword Activation feature if you want your Keyword Responses to be active at all times. 

Make Sure To Enable & Save

Your Keyword Responses will only respond when enabled. Make sure to check the box next to each Keyword Response function to ensure that messages will be sent and press Save at the bottom of the page when you are done configuring your Keyword Responses.

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