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Converting Your Social Following - Vincent Scatliffe (@brandingwhilebroke)
Converting Your Social Following - Vincent Scatliffe (@brandingwhilebroke)
Examples of how Professional Designer, Vincent Scatliffe (@brandingwhilebroke) uses his SP to convert his followers.
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Who Is Vincent Scatliffe?

Vincent (@brandingwhilebroke on Instagram), is a Professional Designer, Speaker, Author, Branding Specialist, Coach, Strategist, Philanthropist.... Wow that's a lot of titles...

SuperPhone Activation

Vincent scheduled the release of his SuperPhone™ number to coincide with his East Coast Workshop Tour. He was able to Promote, Manage registrants, Complete transactions, Deliver content and Collect fees and Sell books all while the SuperPhone™ was Compiling and Organizing detailed information on professional contacts, learners and customers allowing Quick and Easy access without the need of a personal assistant. #BrandingWhileBroke


1. Vincent released his number via social media and in workshops leading up to the tour.

2. Workshop attendees were directed to use the SuperPhone™ to check in and obtain downloadable workshop curriculum via a link.

3. Attendees were also able to purchase books via text message and could immediately download the ebook (#Ebook) or pick up the physical book(#Book) during the workshop simply by showing receipt. This enabled Vincent to automate processes which would ordinarily have required additional staff.

In less than 5 minutes on average, SuperPhone™ was able to capture a full contact profile (including socials, birthday and job information) and return the necessary links. For more information on auto-response delay times, visit our Smart Auto-responses documentation.


1. SuperPhone™ streamlined the process of Registration, Check In, Sales and Content delivery

2. Vincent could identify people he was corresponding with via SuperPhone's™ detailed contact information. He could answer questions quickly and conveniently via text messaging.

3. SuperPhone™ enabled Vincent to conduct the Branding While Broke workshop tour efficiently as a solo entrepreneur without the added costs related to additional staffing. #BrandingWhileBroke

4. Vincent now has detailed information regarding attendees, professional contacts, customers all at his fingertips for the next opportunity or tour.

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