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Getting More People to Complete Your Form
Getting More People to Complete Your Form
Updated over a week ago

Your SuperPhone™ will automatically send a follow-up text to anyone who has not filled out the contact form within 30 minutes. But for those who still have not done so, here are a couple things our influencers have done to get people locked in:

1. Offer exclusive content/access to merch on their store only to people who have filled out the form (the form Thank You contains the link automatically after the form is completed).

2. Send a more personalized message to all of the 'Unknown Messages' in an update blast. Example: "Hey, thank you for the support, I don't get a name on my thread till you fill the contact out. Could you please add yourself? Thank you!"

3. *Most Effective* Send personalized messages to the individuals who haven't filled the form out. Example: "Hey (name if they stated) all I see on my thread is a 310 area code, no name until you add your contact. Yes this is really me lol"

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