Who Is Lorenzo Cromwell?

Lorenzo Cromwell (@Renny on Instagram) is a Comedian/Actor/Host with a social footprint of roughly 1.8 Million fans.

SuperPhone™ Activation

Renny worked with our team to create a campaign in which fans could text and receive a link to buy merchandise during his 4th t-shirt release.


1. Renny released his SuperPhone™number on Socials with the following image:

2. Fans were prompted to phone in to order a graphic tee and the SuperPhone™ automatically prompted for contact info and provided a checkout link for the purchase. (The entire process takes less than 5 minutes depending on how quickly a fan fills out the information. For more information on auto-response delay times, visit our Smart Auto-responses documentation).

3. Fans were rewarded for purchasing with follow up live in person calls broadcast on social media.

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