For an organization, SuperPhone™ serves as an incredible resource for activating, organizing and engaging personnel company-wide.

Who Is Bark & Co?

Bark & Co. (@barkbox on Instagram), span entertaining products, experiences, and content. Everything we create is informed by the data from over 25 million products shipped, 54 office dogs, and too many poop jokes to count. Bark & Co is creating a brand for a generation of people who love their dogs like children.

SuperPhone™ Activation

The efficiency manager at Bark & Co. worked with the SuperPhone™ team to segment employees by office location and identify/engage those who were attending the company retreat.


1. A company-wide email was sent to all employees to text the SuperPhone™ number and RSVP for their retreat with #BarkTrip

2. After the employee entered their contact, they were prompted to identify their office location with either #NewYork or #CBUS

In just 5 minutes on average, SuperPhone™ was able to capture a full employee profile, identify if the employee was attending the retreat and segment the contacts according to office location. For more information on auto-response delay times, visit our Smart Auto-responses documentation.


1. Within one hour Bark & Co. was able to acquire over 65% of their employee contact information and segment them into groups by RSVP and office location.

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