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Networking & Keeping in Touch with your Contacts
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Use your SuperPhone™ for networking! All of your business relationships - especially those with founders can be tracked easily.

How to?

  1. Grabbing contacts - You can do this with our Contact Quick Add feature when you're on the ground, or simply by having people add their number into your text widget (try

  2. Tagging / VIP - Organize your contacts through our tagging system and make your partners / founders VIP. Do this on the mobile app by clicking into the contact and pressing hold on their profile picture. The hexagon outline indicates VIP status

  3. Never Lose Touch™ with your Founders. We know you're busy. Set automatic messages to send within a given time interval. Ex. If you haven't spoken to Bianca in 2 weeks, SuperPhone® will send her a message that you've preset.

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